Look inside™ by Louise Winkler

Look inside™ is for you who are looking for a different kind of leadership development. You dare to be different. You are normally a director, manager, team leader or informal leader. You’ve been through some of the more traditional leadership programs and are done with them. You want to go within and develop from there. Inside out.

I have created the program look inside™ where you develop your awareness of all the knowledge you have inside, and the ability to get in contact with it. You can call this knowledge intuition, inner wisdom or gut feeling. It’s all the same.

The program is a tool in your toolbox when put in stressful high pressure situations, where you as a leader needs to be secure in your decision making.

Stephen Spielberg explains why intuition is important to him, and challenges listening to it in this video (1:50 minutes).

What makes look inside™ different (beside the focus on your internal voice)?

It’s not just a program where you and I meet and work on your ability to hear and listen to your internal voice. It’s not only exclusive, 1-to-1 set up. You also get a unique painting made by myself based on information about your experience of listening inside. This will be your creation, not mine, or at least a co-creation.

The purpose of the painting is to help you be mindful in your day to day work environment. Every time you look at your painting you will be reminded to listen inward, to yourself.

How does it work?

The program is highly individual and exclusive. We work 1-on-1, in a tailored-solution.

It starts with a meeting where you tell me about an occasion when you listened to your internal voice. I guide you with questions to get to the core of your experience. Your story is my basis when I paint your painting. This is how the painting gets unique for you and no one else. You co-create your painting with me.

When I’m in my painting process you grow, develop and improve your ability to listen to your internal voice with tasks you get from me. During this time you can be completely flexible and choose to work when it suites you the best. After approximately 6 weeks, the time I need to complete the painting, you will meet your painting for the first time. A sensitive and empowering moment.

Upon completion of our program you will leave more secure, confident and aware in your role as a leader.

Your learning will continue to strengthen ever after our collaboration has ended. The painting will remind you of your internal voice and help you listen to it.

(Satisfaction guaranteed. We will discuss this during the process.)